Gerard Riveron Jewelry Collections in Wellesley, Massachusetts

Gerard Riveron Jewelry Collections in Wellesley, Massachusetts

During an April 4 week-end Event in Wellesley Massachusetts at Gerard Riveron & Susu Aylward (SUSU's Owner) 

The First week-end, the AGORi Collection was on display while the guests of SUSU's Owner Susu Aylward enjoyed their dinner from La Voile Boston Pop-Up Restaurant in Wellesley.

A Four week-end Special Event with La Voile at SUSU Chef and Director of La Voile Newbury Boston and La Voile Brookline

Susu Aylward modeling a pair of AGORi Diamonds Earrings
Susu Aylward models AGORi dangling diamonds Earrings

AGORi Collection displayThe AGORi Collection


Susu Aylward and Lisa Pacino-Leone
Susu Aylward & Lisa Pacino-Leone

C. Reedy Art

During the 4 week-ends, 4 Jewelry Collections will be shown on Fridays and Saturdays 


Together with an introduction of the Art of American Contemporary Artist C. Reedy

Followed on Thursday April 27 by a full Exhibition of C. Reedy Art with the personal appearance of the Artist Charles Edward Hysea Reedy.

C. Reedy with Ann Yonemura, Senior Associate Curator, Japanese Art at the Smithsonian's Freer and Sackler GalleriesGerard Riveron, Rachel Dougan Interior Designer in DC Founder of Vivi Interiors
"The Unnamed" Acrylic on Canvas Paper 2016, C. Reedy


- Flowers by Al Jones Collection

- Pictures Michael C.Thorpe

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