The AGORi Story: Meet Melina Giandomenico, Co-Founder of Italy’s AGORi Jewels

  • By gerard riveron

Melina Giandomenico, Co-Founder of Italy’s AGORi JewelsThe story of how Melina Giandomenico founded AGORi Jewels of Italy is one of triumph over personal tragedy.

In the midst of a career as a government information officer, Melina’s destiny took an unexpected turn when the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake struck her town in the Abruzzo region in Central Italy. She and her family lost everything.

It was only three short years following this devastating event that Melina would lose her beloved husband.

Searching for a fresh start, and with limited business experience, Melina and her son Alessandro moved to Rome and decided to turn Melina’s personal passion into a mother-and-son enterprise.

For decades, Melina had designed one-of-a-kind jewelry for herself and her family members. After securing an atelier to manufacture her designs, Melina and Alessandro co-founded AGORi Jewels, where Melina today serves as strategic art director and Alessandro manages the company.

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A Love Story, with Jewels

When I first met Melina and saw her exquisite jewelry, I immediately fell in love with her AGORi designs. I wondered: “Is it just me? I can’t believe what I am seeing!”

Fortunately, two lady friends and colleagues were with me at the time and they both felt the same way -- we were thunderstruck. The French have a saying for this kind of reaction: it was a “coup de foudre,” or love at first sight.Agori Chiodi Ring

Today, after only six short years, AGORi Jewels has achieved international acclaim for breathtaking creations inspired by Italian beauty and culture. I am proud that has become the exclusive representative for AGORi Jewels in the U.S.

View the Collection

Agori's Farroni Blue Sapphire Starfish RingWhat can you expect in the AGORi collection? Look for yellow, red, and white gold, together with the finest gemstones, in sophisticated necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings; eclectic color combinations and unusual pairings of precious and semiprecious stones; and whimsical creatures such as AGORi’s signature sapphire starfish ring.

In a word, this is jewelry that will make you happy!

To see our current offerings from AGORi Jewels, please visit the AGORi page on

To learn about our November 30 Private Jewelry Preview in Boston, where Melina Giandomenico will present 50 new AGORi designs, kindly fill out the form below and I will send you all the details.


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