Maison Bachet Diamond BandThe House of D.BACHET has been built up from a passion for gems and a lot of persistence. From Lorient in Nimes to London to Paris, this is the story of a man in a hurry.

In 1986 David landed an apprenticeship as a jeweler in Lorient with his uncle, Michel Langelotti while taking courses at CFA Saumur. It was at Saumur that he came across the jewelry of a certain Mr. Lacroix. The man is amused by his audacity and his determination and offers to teach him the trade if he gets his qualification in two years instead of three years…

David achieves this goal and is taken on by Lacroix who is pleased to have him as a young protégé. A former student of “Ecole Boule,” David is taught to shape jewelry differently, using proportions and various techniques. Lacroix also teaches him the importance of humility and the pleasure jewelry gives to the wearer… that has never left him. It then takes David two years to get an additional qualification in gemology.

Over time, David Bachet will evolve, creating a rich history of transformation into the hidden world of diamonds.  Hard work, understanding the importance of humility and the pleasure jewelry gives to the wearer are keys to the Bachet brand’s success.

David Bachet"The creation of jewelry is nothing without the pleasure of one or the wearer. It is my only obsession and my only reward" David Bacher

The Black Diamond, used in the creations of the Maison D.Bachet is a brown or grey diamond, initially heated until it becomes black in color.  The size and the surface conditions determine the selection of stones. With these two criteria being met, the uniform color for all Bachet creations is guaranteed.

The marriage of Black Diamonds with White Diamonds is uniquely Bachet; making them accessible, desirable and modern.

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