Patrice Fabre
In the early 80’s during a seminar held by the De Beers Company, Patrice Fabre came up with the idea to make a jewel building a reinforced concrete structure. Gold, Diamonds and Concrete. Months later using this technique the BÉTON collection was born. It was an immediate success and still is today! 
Patrice won his first International Diamond Award in 1990 with a diamond and yellow gold cuff that took its inspiration from the newly renovated ceiling in the Louvre. "Seal your Love in Concrete" 

The design for his second International Diamond Award, in 1996, used his signature grid in a spiral pattern creating a fun, light and slender white gold bangle set with over 900 small diamonds. He also won The Tahitian Pearl Trophy in 2002 with a multi-strand pearl choker supporting thick zips set with colored diamonds and sapphires.

A great traveler, his passion for gemstones has taken him to many far-flung places in his quest for the gems that ‘speak’ to him, such as green, pink and red tourmaline from South America and Africa or colored and star sapphires from Sri Lanka.

BETON Collection In the early 80’s -during a seminar held by the De Beers Company- the idea to make a jewel as you would build a reinforced concrete structure, flowing concrete around a metal frame, came to Patrice to set new trends. A few months later, he had set up a collection of cufflinks and bracelets using this technique and the BÉTON collection was born. Gold and diamond reinforced concrete (Béton armé) A urban ethnic spirit. A chic marriage of matte grainy gray and the sparkle of diamonds. ‘Seal your love in concrete’ It was an immediate success and still is today!   

"Between 1998 and 2016, Patrice Fabre designed and manufactured his jewelry collections as well as special orders from his Boutique & Atelier, located then at 350 Rue Saint-Honoré, a step away from celebrated Place Vendome. In 2016, Patrice decided to travel the world again in search of new ideas, material, and gems... leading to the manufacture of exceptional pieces like this ANACONDA Bracelet   

2019 and beyond: During the fall of 2019 Patrice Fabre and Gerard Riveron started a business collaboration to promote and sell the Patrice Fabre Jewelry Collections in the United States. The First 2 events took place in Boston in November of 2019

Patrice Fabre with Sonia Garufi and Gerard Riveron
Patrice Fabre with Priscilla Collins
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