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Special Sourcing Requests

Gerard Riveron connections in the Fine Jewelry industry and his lifelong relationships with private collectors and diamantaires guarantee that your needs will be met on budget, on time, and in the privacy of your own home or office.

Upon request, your Concierge Private Jeweler consultation might include anything from an introduction to a qualified buyer for a specific jewel or an entire collection to the sourcing of a difficult-to-find piece to complete a set or replace a lost heirloom. 

Or, we might help you acquire a vintage engagement ring setting, as we did for a busy investment banker, followed by “behind closed doors” access to a top Gem source for the perfect stone.

To begin your Concierge Private Jeweler consultation with a confidential email exchange or phone call with Gerard Riveron, please complete the form below or call us at 888.666.2016

We value the information you are providing. We promise not to share this information. For more information, please see our privacy policy.


Blue and Pink Sapphires and Emerald Cut Diamond

Giving a second look at your Jewelry Collection:

When you arrange a Concierge Private Jeweler consultation with Gerard Riveron to evaluate your Fine Jewelry collection, we always begin with the same question: What pieces of jewelry do you enjoy wearing the most? And, if you are not wearing certain pieces, what can we do to revitalize them to your liking? The answers may involve:

    • What to keep/clean/repair…with estimates
    • What to transform and recycle…with suggestions for new designs
    • What to give your children…now, or later, with fascinating “provenance” reports
    • What to sell privately, or at auction, with certified appraisals
    • What to insure…and how much jewelry insurance do you need?
    • What to donate to museums or charities…and how to achieve a tax deduction