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private jeweler consultationHave you ever considered the many ways in which a private jeweler can be of help?

In my years as a jeweler, I have assisted many clients in solving a variety of personal jewelry quandaries and in finding just the right gift for the right occasion. Here are a few examples of the types of questions I hear from clients.  

Perhaps I can help you too...

"I am divorcing my husband but not my jewelry. Can you help me combine several diamond rings into one real showstopper?"

"How do I mix my real jewelry and fashion jewelry? Are there any do’s and don’ts?"

"At my wedding I presented both my parents with a special piece of jewelry.  Thank you, Gerard, for suggesting the Umane pebble ring and matching cufflinks. They were thrilled!"

"I am obsessed with rubies but I have a spinel or rubellite budget. Can you source the best of both so I can compare?"

"My maid of honor has seen it all (and been through it all with me).  I want to give her something sentimental, yet modern. What do you suggest?" 

"I am considering a Rose Gold setting for my engagement ring, but I am afraid it’s just a fad and will not stand the test of time. Your thoughts?"

"How do I start layering my jewelry if I’ve never done it before? Can I mix metals?"

"We met and got engaged in Manhattan. I am looking for an anniversary piece that celebrates the city without being too literal. Any ideas?"

"My 'statement necklace' is looking a little old-school. Can you help me make it into several contemporary pieces for my daughters?"