The unique Collection EMELINE PIOT X MATHON PARIS Architect and Magicians ©adagp, 2019

The unique Collection was designed and realized with the artist Emeline Piot. 

More than a collection of jewelry pieces, this collection is first the story of a human encounter, an intense, rich, and fruitful collaboration between the artist and the craftsmen of Atelier Mathon. This unique Collection is the result of a special collaboration that symbolizes a new way of thinking and crafting jewelry piece in line with Mathon’s signature. 

The prolific work of Emeline Piot focuses on animal and plant themes, themes that find a real echo in Mathon’s world. The omnipresence of color in the artist's works is mixed with the colorful jewelry offered by the workshop. Such inspirations and common attributes aroused an ardent desire to work together. 

Starting from a monumental pictorial work specially created for Mathon, Emeline Piot has offered a series of jewellery drawings wonderfully linked together. Then Emeline Piot and each craftsman worked in the realization of the pieces, making the creations evolve and adapting the manufacturing techniques.


Ten One-of-a-Kind Jewels 

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Yellow gold 754=46.48g 14 Facetted round spinels=1.8cts 16 Neon green tourmaline=0.66cts 2 Red round spinels=0.15cts 12 Black spinels=0.12cts 136 Facetted round emerald=1.02cts 131 Pink round sapphire=1.09cts 406 Purple facetted round sapphires=2.37cts 14 Red round spinels=0.18cts 72 Diamonds GVS=0.37cts 12 Diamonds GVS=0.12cts 32 Diamonds GVS=0.74cts 6 Diamonds GVS=0.52cts 2 spinelle=1.48cts
Price upon request

RING NKUMA ©adagp, 2019 

Red gold 754=24.36g 115 Diamonds GVS=0.53cts 15 Diamonds GVS=0.17cts 2 Diamonds GVS=0.06cts 2 Red round spinels=0.03cts 16 Red round spinels=0.44cts 28 tourmalines Paraiba 1.0 -1.2 mm Intense =0.15cts 14 Paraiba tourmaline=0.36cts 1 spinelle Orangie red coussin=2.15cts 4 Black spinel cabochon=0.09cts 2 Cultured pearl=0.37cts 20 Paraiba tourmaline=0.08cts 52 Facetted round emerald=0.5cts 30 Blue round sapphires=0.35cts 42 Red round spinels=0.41cts

Price upon request

NECKLACE ANQA ©adagp, 2019

Yellow gold 754=102.49g 1 Pear shape amethyst=0.37cts 6 Round facetted amethyst=1.44cts 6 Round emerald=0.26cts 68 Red round spinels=1.12cts 5 Red round spinels=0.47cts 1 Black spinel cabochon=0.13cts 74 boules pierre de lune grise 4mm=34.76cts 2 Diamonds GVS=0.02cts 197 Diamonds GVS=3.41cts 121 Diamonds GVS=2.8cts 257 Facetted spessartite garnet=3.62cts 14 Red round spinels=0.16cts

Price upon request

RING ARA ©adagp, 2019

Yellow gold 754=15.53g 1 Arasuai pear cut tourmaline=0.33cts 5 Neon green tourmaline=0.32cts 2 Red round spinels=0.13cts 2 Black spinels=0.01cts 8 Pink round sapphire=0.19cts 24 Round emerald=0.16cts 24 Red round spinels=0.44cts 50 Facetted spessartite garnet=0.26cts 26 Facetted round ruby=0.19cts 42 Yellow round sapphires=0.48cts 9 Diamonds GVS=0.06cts 6 Diamonds GVS=0.12cts 3 Diamonds GVS=0.16cts

Price upon request


Red gold 754=43.83g 1 TOURMALINES verte poire =2.92cts 2 TOURMALINES indigolite rond facetté =0.41cts 1 Paraiba tourmaline=0.17cts 2 Neon green tourmaline=0.19cts 8 Imperial topaz=4.36cts 4 émeraude boules lisses =1.41cts 8 Red round spinels=0.33cts 8 Neon green tourmaline=0.33cts 1 Square shape pink tourmaline=0.31cts 22 Pink tourmaline beads=5.5cts 29 Rhodolite beads=6.3cts 3 Rubellite poire =0.68cts 2 Pear shape emerald=0.45cts 5 Round facetted aquamarine=0.5cts 4 iolite poire facetté =0.55cts 44 Diamonds GVS=0.23cts 199 Facetted spessartite garnet=1.6cts 76 Red round spinels=0.73cts 197 Pink sapphires=1cts 89 Purple sapphires=0.39cts

Price upon request

EARRINGS EDEN ©adagp, 2019

Yellow gold 754=33.18g 29 Red round spinels=0.86cts 9 Neon green tourmaline=0.54cts 3 Neon green tourmaline=0.11cts 4 Red round spinels=0.09cts 3 Pear shape facetted amethyst=1.57cts 2 Pear shape facetted pink tourmaline=1.51cts 8 Palmeira citrine=0.29cts 11 tanzanite rond facetté 20/10=0.49cts 1 Yellow round sapphire=0.04cts 11 Diamonds GVS=0.06cts 14 Diamonds GVS=0.17cts 1 saphir jaune ovale=0.4cts 1 grenats rond facettés degradés diamprest=0.62cts 1 tourmaline bleu-vert ovale facettée=0.19cts 10 Red round spinels=0.66cts 23 Turquoise beads=3.68cts 8 grenat color change=0.33cts 9 Pink sapphires=0.11cts 8 Purple sapphires=0.1cts 20 Facetted spessartite garnet=0.22cts 78 Facetted round emerald=0.84cts 6 Diamonds GVS=0.2cts

Price upon request

NECKLACE SER ©adagp, 2019
(not available)

COLLIER NYIAMA ©adagp, 2019
Red gold 754=160.38g 3 spinel viol facet=1.69cts 5 Arasuai pear cut tourmaline=1.09cts 2 TOURMALIN indigo rond facet=0.29cts 4 rubis boules=1.49cts 2 tourmaline pêche ovale=4.31cts 1 tourmaline menthe poire=1.67cts 4 aqua boule 5mm=3.22cts 13 Neon green tourmaline=0.63cts 14 Neon green tourmaline=0.49cts 3 Round facet amethyst=0.26cts 2 Black spinel cab=0.24cts 2 Pear rose-cut multicolor sapphires=1.61cts 2 Treated black dias=0.01cts 45 Wollo opal beads=8.48cts 19 Facet round rhodo=1.16cts 2 béryl yel pampille poire=1.6cts 6 iolite poire facet=0.79cts 20 cornal orange boule=3.6cts 34 tourmaline rose boule=8.77cts 31 Rhodolite beads=11.16cts 305 Dias=1.15cts 175 Dias=2.55cts 16 Dias=0.49cts 33 Dias=1.49cts 15 Dias GVS=0.88cts 1 Dias GVS=0.12cts 175 Blue round sapphires=3.53cts 152 Facet spessartite garnet=1.05cts 66 Red round spinels=0.42cts 56 Round ruby=0.53cts 32 Round light pink natural sapphire=0.33cts 9 saphir umba orange poire=2.71cts 182 emerald ronde facet=2.28cts
Price upon request

Yellow gold 754=78.13g 60 Facetted round emerald=1.21cts 46 Red round spinels=1.26cts 76 Facetted spessartite garnet=2.52cts 46 Pink sapphires=1.6cts 64 Diamonds GVS=1.06cts 44 Diamonds GVS=1.27cts 4 Diamonds GVS=0.18cts 6 Diamonds GVS=0.34cts 2 diamonds=0.22cts 1 Pink tourmaline=0.3cts 10 White opal=1.59cts 2 Black spinel cabochon=0.23cts 1 perles gold =7.05cts
Price upon request
White gold rhodium platted 754=104.01g 322 Diamonds GVS=1.53cts 193 Diamonds GVS=2.6cts 33 Diamonds GVS=0.96cts 1 Diamonds GVS=0.04cts 4 Diamonds GVS=0.25cts 509 spinelles noirs rond facetté=7.08cts 3 Marquise cut diamond =0.43cts 3 spinelle noir navette=0.56cts
Price upon request