Valérie Brun and Maé Jund are the masterminds behind the Umane Paris jewelry-making enterprise.  Together they challenge codes and create a dialogue between opposites.

Valérie’s childhood was steeped in the mysteries of creating fine jewelry.  The daughter and grand-daughter of renowned Parisian jewelers, she spent her formative years observing the creation of fabulous pieces of jewelry, evening bags and timepieces destined for the top jewelry houses of Place Vendôme.  In 1990, Valérie set up her own workshop.

Maé Jund came into the organization in 2000, bringing experience as export communications manager for Cartier and quality management training from her years with a communications agency.


Ping Gold Ring featuring Chrisoprase TsavoriteTogether, Maé’s knowledge and management savoir faire and Valérie’s creative instincts, became the impetus behind the high-end jewelry design and production business known today as Umane Paris.  The company produces some of the most beautiful, unique jewelry creations in today’s fashion.

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