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Mathon Paris


SKU: R853GRTZ | Cocktail Ring | Mathon Paris | One of a Kind Hiver | French Jewelry

One-of-a-Kind Ring Quatre Saisons 'Hiver' (Winter) from LES VERGERS Quatre Saisons 

1 Cushion-Cut Tanzanite 8,47 carats
173 Round Diamonds 1.68 carats
1 Pear-Shape Paraiba 0,53 carat
1 Baguette Diamond 0,24 carat
2 Pear-Shape Opal 0,3 carat
5 Scapolites 0,3 carat
2 Lavender Spinel 0,35 carat
1 Lavender Spinel 0,24 carat
1 Pear-Shape Diamond 0,25 carat
3 Yellow Diamonds 0,12 carat
1 Blue Topaz 0,28 carat
1 Pear-Shape Tanzanite 0,25 carat
2 Spessartites Garnets 0,76 carat
1 Néon Tourmaline 0,05 carat
17 Gray Spinel 0,57 carat
10 Tanzanite 0,35 carat
20 Orange Diamonds 0.05 carat
26 Paraiba 0.17 carat
17 Brown Diamonds 0.15 carat
White and Red gold 36 Grams

This is a One-of-a-kind Ring. Please contact us first to determine if it is available and indicate your finger size. Click here to determine your exact finger size.

'A bucolic orchard, consisting of a green meadow surrounded by forests and a river nearby, is the perfect landscape for a family house. In the middle of a generous and welcoming nature, this hidden Eden has inspired MATHON Paris for over three generations.
A poetic universe embodied through Les Vergers-Quatre Saisons, a new jewelry collection inspired by luxuriant nature and the sculptural work of Roger Mathon, painter, jeweler, and founder of the House of MATHON Paris, known for our passion for manufacturing details. These Four unique Rings perfectly express the Artisans' extraordinary talent and 'savoir faire'.
With the creation of this new universe among Mathon's collections, Aude Mathon - Roger Mathon's granddaughter and CEO of the House - is paying tribute to him and its humanist & naturalistic universe'.