COQUELICOT SINGLE EAR CUFF Les Vergers Quatre Saisons Collection Fleurs des Champs

Mathon Paris


SKU: R855JBR COQUELICOT single Ear cuff from LES VERGERS Quatre saison Fleurs des Champs

3 Rubies 0,30 carat
1 Diamonds G-VS 0,11 carat
1 Diamonds G-VS 0,03 carat
1 Diamonds G-VS 0,01 carat
Yellow gold 754 12,71 Grams 

This Earring will be shipped from Paris. Delivery is ten days after the online purchase.

When out of stock, it can be ordered; manufacturing time is eight weeks from the order day. Please see our terms and conditions regarding Online Order.     

The Mathon Paris Jewelry is manufactured at Mathon Paris ateliers.