TORTUE Tangerine Spessartine Garnet, BESTIOLES COLLECTION

Mathon Paris


TORTUE Tangerine Spessartine Garnet, BESTIOLES COLLECTION This item is not in stock, order online now.

SKU: R711GBMAND/52 TORTUE Tangerine Spessartine Garnet from the BESTIOLES Collection

1 oval Tangerine Spessartine Garnet 9.41 carats 
150 Brown round Diamonds 2.47 carats
45 round Diamonds G-VS 0.20 carat 
2 round Emeralds 0.02 carats
White gold 750 13.58 Grams 
Ring Size 6 

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The Mathon Paris Jewelry is manufactured at Mathon Paris ateliers.